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Celebrate who and what matters

The one place to celebrate others. Because nothing is more important than your relationships.

How many times lately have you been trying to celebrate those who matter most and show them you care? How many times did you wish you had done more for them?

Our personal lives revolve around a handful of precious people. This is about them.

download link from the app store


Sort people who matter the most in custom groups that are relevant to your life.
Neat freak or not, this feature only brings peace of mind.



List all celebrations big & small, then plan what’s next: emails to shoot,  kudos to send, gifts to ship, letters to write, photos to share…the weight is lifted off of your shoulders and celebrations finally happen!



At your own pace, gather your favorite contacts’ lifestyle details such as: wishes, recent gifts, shoe size, favorite cocktail, you name it.
Across time, the app gets richer and your mind gets lighter.



Privacy is a priority.
All your data stays in your phone.

We do not collect or store elsewhere any of the personal information you enter in this app.


“This is absolutely amazing and honestly what a game changer. Especially nowadays being in such a crazy, unpredictable time where extra brain space and mental bandwidth is so, so hard to come by.”

Amanda, Visual Designer

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