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Celebrate who and what matters

The one place to celebrate others. Because nothing is more important than your relationships.

How many times lately have you been trying to celebrate those who matter most and show them you care? How many times did you wish you had done more for them?

Our personal lives revolve around a handful of precious people. This is about them.

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Sort people who matter the most in custom groups that are relevant to your life.
Neat freak or not, this feature only brings peace of mind.



List all celebrations big & small, then plan what’s next: emails to shoot,  kudos to send, gifts to ship, letters to write, photos to share…the weight is lifted off of your shoulders and celebrations finally happen!



At your own pace, gather your favorite contacts’ lifestyle details such as: wishes, recent gifts, shoe size, favorite cocktail, you name it.
Across time, the app gets richer and your mind gets lighter.



Privacy is a priority.
All your data stays in your phone.

We do not collect or store elsewhere any of the personal information you enter in this app.


“This is absolutely amazing and honestly what a game changer. Especially nowadays being in such a crazy, unpredictable time where extra brain space and mental bandwidth is so, so hard to come by.”

Amanda, Visual Designer

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  • What is Graceful?
    Graceful is a tool to centralize and nurture your most important relationships. Finally, you can be more intentional by organizing your contacts and planning who, what & when you want to celebrate. Everything you enter in the app is seen by you only. It is the backstage of your social life!
  • Who should use Graceful?
    We think everyone who wants to nurture their personal relationships could use Graceful. If you are keen on organization and already have many of your loved ones’ information in social media apps, calendars, notes, Graceful is an opportunity to centralize everything in one place. If you aren't already organized and want to improve your life with some productivity tool, you can start now by entering your most important contacts in Graceful and start planning how you want to celebrate those precious people.
  • Is Graceful a religious app?
    Not at all. Everyone is welcome to use Graceful to celebrate relationships.
  • Is Graceful available on Android?
    Currently Graceful is only available for the iPhone. In the future, we plan to develop a version for Android, but at this time we do not have a precise timeline.
  • Where is the data that I add to Graceful?
    All the data is physically stored in your phone, and nowhere else. Contrary to the majority of apps, Graceful does not rely on a cloud database. Your phone has ample storage space for the text information you enter in Graceful. And it is safely and automatically backed-up with all other data in your phone.
  • How to delete all Graceful data?
    When you remove the Graceful app from your phone (long tap on the icon + “Remove App”), all the data you entered in the app is permanently deleted. It’s that simple. Oh, and it can not be undone. Except by restoring an old backup of your phone (see: "What happens if I loose, break or change phone?").
  • What happens if I loose, break or change phone?"
    Your Graceful data is safely stored in your phone in the same way as other personal data, such as your contacts, photos, notes, etc. This data is backed up automatically in your iCloud account and / or when you sync and backup your phone. If you loose, break or change phone, and then get a new one: after you transfer the account & data from your old phone, all the data of the Graceful app will be restored in the new phone as well. Automatically, no action is needed.
  • Why is there no account & login in Graceful?
    An account & login are required when the data used by an app is stored and computed outside of the phone it runs on. As in the case for the majority of apps. Graceful does not copy and store any personal or critical data outside your phone. It works perfectly without an internet connection. Therefore an account & login are not needed. The sophisticated protection, security & back-up features included in your phone are protecting your Graceful data, similarly to all of the data stored in your phone.
  • Is Graceful free?
    Yes the current version of Graceful is completely free and will remain free for early users. As we develop more exciting and robust features in the future, we will introduce paid subscription plans at some point for new users.
  • If it’s free, am I the product?"
    Good question. Answer is no. Graceful is currently free because we are still building it. We do not believe in targeted ads or data resale business models. When the app will offer more robust features we will introduce paid subscription plans. We believe paying a fair value for a service is the most graceful and healthiest business model. Until then Graceful does not generate any revenue.
  • What does “collecting anonymized data” means?
    We do collect anonymized data, via the Google Analytics service, to improve our product and deliver a better experience. We selectively track which features and options are used the most to understand our users behavior & expectations and develop the app accordingly. Anonymized data means that we DO NOT collect any identifying data about you or your contacts, such as but not limited to: full name, email address, social media handle, telephone number, full address, … Also we do not use unique advertising identifiers technologies (such as IDFA) that power targeted ads outside the app.
  • Are you looking for funding?
    Yes. If you are interested in our investor deck, email us at
  • What makes Graceful different from other contact and to-do apps?
    Graceful differentiates itself from other productivity platforms because it is not focused on being a task planning tool, it is a personal relationship manager at large. It is focused on people. No celebration happens in a calendar. A to-do list is not enough for us. We want to cover the whole cycle, from entering your most precious contacts in the app to planning what you want to do for them to actually executing the celebration for them. As we just launched, we focused on those key features, but we are working on adding more exciting functionalities around the celebrations.
  • What are groups in Graceful?
    The concept of “groups” was really the starting point of the Graceful app. We wanted to create a mind soothing overview of your contacts as if organized in labeled drawers. Of course, the “groups” you create are personalized to your life. When you open the app, you don’t see a flow of names, you see the tidy view of groups. Examples of groups can be: Family, close friends, friends, classmates, football friends, work friends, etc. By organizing contacts in groups you can then have a view of all the events for a specific group, it hopefully brings serenity and leaves you with more energy for the celebrations.
  • What is a celebration in Graceful?
    A celebration is what you want it to be. We chose a fun, positive and big word because we think anything in life that matters to you deserves a celebration. It can be just a thoughtful text, a little hello but it can also be an important life milestone, a wedding, a bad ass decision, a trip, or maybe you just want to say thank you and send a gift card, or maybe you just want to ask how someone is doing.Creating “celebrations” in the app allows you to plan in advance what needs to be celebrated, that day, that week, that month. Once it’s in the app, you will receive reminders and you will be able to view all celebrations for a certain group. Your mind is lighter and people are finally celebrated!
  • Can I import my contacts?
    Yes you can select and import any contact from your phone’s Contacts.
  • What are the values of the Graceful team?
    Our core values are gratefulness, mindfulness, privacy, optimism and inclusivity.
  • Who are the creators of Graceful?
    We are an early stage start-up based in San Francisco, California. Our female founder & owner is originally from France and has spent ten years in the Bay area with a background in Brand Strategy and Design. In Europe she was holding positions such as Executive Producer in advertising production companies. Great design and user experience are core to her values and so our goal is to constantly improve the user experience.
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